Capacity Building of District Government officials

Under CDLD program TA team trained district Government officials on project cycle management, Grants management, Gender mainstreaming, financial management, Monitoring & Reporting, Conflict Resolution, preparation and review of detailed project proposal and Social mobilization. The objective of the trainings was to build the capacity of government official for smooth implementation CDLD program. TA team provided 243 trainings, benefitted 6459 government officials comprising of districts administration, line departments, CDLD staff, SMT staff and elected representatives of Village/Neighborhood Councils (VC/NCs).

Regular on job technical assistance (OJTA)is also provided by the TA teams on CBO formation, preparation of CBO accounts, record keeping, O&M of CBO schemes, DPP preparations, rectifications and approvals of DPPs, completion of ongoing and stuck schemes. As of July 2020, a total of 4968 OJTA sessions were conducted for 7,052 programme stakeholders.

Capacity Building of CBOs

The lesser than expected number of trainings and OJTA sessions were held due to COVID-19 pandemic for CBOS. However, the district teams remained involved with the CBOs wherever and when required through individual visits and/or telephone calls. As of July, 2020, a total of 50 training sessions have been conducted for 244 CBOs In all that, a total of 1443 CBO members (1361 men and 82 women) participated and benefitted from. Additionally, 172 VC/NC secretaries also participated and benefited from those trainings. Those trainings were designed, planned and organized in line with capacity building needs of the CBO members and the LGERDD staff.

Strengthening Social Mobilization Functions:

TA team is providing support to newly hired Social mobilization team in CBO formation, conducting social feasibility of projects, CBO registration, CBO account opening and record keeping. The coordinated efforts of the district administration and TA team boosted the pace of social mobilization during covid 19. Total 1099 CBOs formed and/ or reactivated after conducting validation and social feasibilities. Out of 1099, 1041 CBOs were registered with district administrations and 760 CBOs were facilitated in opening of their bank accounts, and 766 CBOs were supported in signing agreements with the district administration.