The CDLD programme provides funding for wide range of projects. These include but are not limited to Additional Classroom, missing facilities in school, labour room, roads, street pavements, water channels, drinking water supply, drainage, rehabilitation of sports or tourism facilities/spots and some livelihood schemes. CBOs who lack technical capacity are supported by CDLD technical team.

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, under the CDLD programme, ensures that all the infrastructure schemes are implemented with an approved level of construction. It is pertinent that the facilities constructed are safe for the people using them. That is why every scheme is designed on an acceptable engineering standard. The design and estimates are technical endorsed by the Technical Evaluation Committee which has the representatives from the line departments. Approved schemes are strictly implemented on the basis of the approved design.

The Government has a self-sufficient technical team headed by the Senior Programme Engineer (SPE) for each of the thirteen CDLD districts. The engineers are involved from the feasibility till the end of construction. These include technical feasibility, survey, design, bill of quantities (BOQ), detailed cost estimate, workplan, procurement plan, and operation & maintenance plan.

CDLD Engineers are also involved during the construction and implementation of the programme. The engineer supervises all the identified critical stages of construction for every sector which include detailed orientation to CBOs with respect to construction and material use. The programme has also developed technical manuals for the implementation of the CDLD schemes. These manuals are approved from the competent forum and are available in the download section, for refence.

KP-CDLD Quality assurance and quality control manual Download
KP-CDLD Manual for CBO's project inspection, supervision, monitoring and reporting Download
KP-CDLD Manual on infrastructure engineering standards Download
KPCDLD Training Manual, Scrutiny and Vetting of DPPs Download
KP-CDLD Training manual Participatory OM Download
KPCDLD Training manual environment, wash and solid waste management Download
DPP Manual Download