Efficiency and credibility of each entity critically depend upon availability of online real-time accurate information of its performance.

Therefore, the staff of CDLD (IT wing of Technical Assistance Team) has developed Management Information system (MIS) to facilitate the management of Local Government Department and the general public about the various activities regarding delivery of basic services, completed by CDLD. CDLD has ensured prompt availability of projects’ information through MIS to enhance the efficiency and monitoring potential of the Department.

MIS shows online and real time progress of projects, designed, approved and completed by CDLD. Realtime information about CDLD funds disbursement, various training imparted, benefited households and total facilitated population can be retrieved to improve the credibility of official business of the Department. It’s a real model of e-governance and a set of automations of CDLD functions, performed with the active participation and contribution of local community. MIS facilitates Management of the Department for planning, decisions and to know the impact of various activities performed by CDLD for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Management Information System - MIS