Government reiterates support to CDLD Projects

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Senior Minister for Local Government, Elections and Rural Development, Inayatullah Khan, has reaffirmed the support to the Community-Driven Local Development (CDLD)-related programme initiatives. The senior minister renewed the backing as he chaired the progress review meeting of the CDLD, said a handout. Senior officers, commissioner of Malakand, district nazims of the CDLD pilot areas, representative of the Pakistan Army and CDLD programme team members attended the meeting.

Those in the meeting noted that the CDLD policy implementation had made significant strides forward since November 2015 when the Policy Implementation Unit for CDLD was established in the Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department.

“We are committed to the cause of serving our citizens and that is why the CDLD implementation remains one of the key priorities of the provincial government”, the senior minister stated.

He was briefed on the project and told the total number of approved projects were 562, out of which, 192 project agreements have already been signed.

The participants of the meeting called for speeding up efforts for the proposal development and project approval processes. The participants agreed to expedite these processes so that the goal of 1,795 projects for the FY 2015-16 could be met. They stressed the importance of a stronger coordination and cooperation for implementation effectiveness.

Published in:The News, February 18th, 2016